Vegetarian Cheese and Egg Bagel


Hey guys, gals, and everyone else! As you know, my friend Brenna and I have been testing out the vegetarian waters in the month of August. I’lll admit…I’ve been eating way too much cheese. Brenna on the other hand, has gotten quite inventive!

Keep reading to find out this yummy recipe ❤

One egg


Cream cheese



Provolone cheese


Brenna says: I think it taste better if you toast the bread then when you’re done making it, wrap it in foil and let sit for like ten minutes. This allows the cheese to melt a little and helps everything stay together!

Mariah here: I’ll be trying out a vegetarian spaghetti and meat sauce recipe tonight, so stay tuned for that!

Do any of you have tried and true meat free recipes? We’d love to test them out!

Stay Sunny ❤


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