My Summer Day Trip

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Summer days are coming to an end, and this makes me very sad. Shorter, colder days make me sad-but I am excited for Halloween! My boyfriend and I took a little road trip up north to Pine,Arizona this weekend to enjoy some water after the recent rains! Sometimes little day trips can really re-energize you!

DSCN3256  We actually started our trip aiming towards Fossil Creek in Arizona. It’s a well known water spot in Northern Arizona. Unfortunately, through an error with Google Maps, we ended up a little ways and decided just to meet up with my boyfriends brother instead! A friend lead a group of us to this location, and though we had to drive on a very sketchy road, it was beautiful.



It had rained recently, so the northern red dirt made the water not so clear. This didn’t stop us from getting in though! And it was very cold! My boyfriend and his brother tried to teach me to skip rocks, but I’m not very coordinated so that didn’t go well. Oh well!

So tell me..Are there any awesome places in nature you go to unwind where you’re from? Maybe that only locals know about? Stay safe and enjoy the last of summer!

Stay Sunny ❤



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