Saving Money on Food in College

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Money in college can be hard, and honestly, after college it gets even harder! Food is something everyone in the world should have, but sometimes it’s hard to find nutritious and cheap things to eat! Here are a couple resources to keep you from the Ramen plague!


  • Markets on the move! There are organizations all over theΒ  country where you can get pounds of food for very cheap! This one is in Arizona, and my family and I have used it when times get hard. Basically for a donation of 10 dollars, you’ll walk away with pounds on pounds of produce. This depends on seasons and where you are in line, but you’ll have enough to fill a small army! It’s not always the same produce every time, so you get to use your Pinterest skills and find new recipes!
  • Couponing! Do you have a printer? Awesome, then you are all set to get some good discounts on food and other grocery items! I recommend checking out coupon websites like these>>> 1. 2. 3. Just make sure you understand what coupons can be stacked! Also Retail Me Not is a great app for coupons!
  • Portion control! While being in your 20’s generally means our bodies are slightly forgiving of pizza binges, it’s not healthy. Make sure you’re eating the correct amount of food. This will allow you to take whatever food you do buy, and make it last for a lot longer. Certain foods can be frozen for a long time, which will help you when money gets tight! Use this infographic as a guideline for eating! 8a9af3e53ae450d167efb3b14f97ea36

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