BlissandBirds Guest Post!

Hello there!

It’s Melissa, visiting from Mariah and I have been friends for a long, long time, and I’m excited to get the chance to collaborate and write in her blog today! My blog is all about beauty and wellness, so I thought it’d be suitable if I shared my current July beauty favorites.


Can you guys believe July is practically already over? This month flew by for me, but I did try a handful of new products that have quickly made their way to my favorites this month.


  • Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Facial Mask : This mask is so REFRESHING It has cucumber extract, aloe vera, and vitamin A. What I noticed after using this mask is an immediate improvement of my skin’s texture, so smooth! (Note from Mariah: I love this mask too!! And Melissa and I have never mentioned it to each other!)

  • Vitamin C’s Energizing Face Spritz : I’m usually wary of trying facial mists or any sort of makeup setting sprays. I just never thought they did much for my skin, but this has been a beauty staple for me all summer long. I can actually notice a difference when I DON’T use it for a day. It’s refreshing, helps sets my makeup, and has camu camu berry extract in it, which provides a great source of vitamin C for the skin. Plus, it smells like a splash of citrus on your face, so it’s perfect for the hot summer months.


  • NYX Butter Lipstick (POPS) : I’m in love with NYX Butter Lipsticks. They are extremely moisturizing and pigmented. I have been using the color “Pops” lately. It actually lasted me through a whole workday, plus surprisingly made it through dinner!

  • Milani Rose D’ Oro (02) : If you need a little more radiance to your everyday makeup look, please try this blush. There are many different color swatches, but my favorite has be Rose D’Oro, It helps me look radiant and healthy all day.


  • Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist : Not everyone has the luxury of getting a flawless tan every summer. Now that I live in Seattle, it’s been tough getting out and getting enough sun! haha. I love that this gives a matte, sparkle-free and streak-free glow to the skin.

If you want to read more about skincare, beauty, and wellness: come join me at my blog! Also, read about Mariah’s Accutane experience: here.


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