Big Changes!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Remember my vision board post? Well another reason I redid mine is because well… I did a lot of my goals. It’s a weird feeling checking things off a huge list and need to add to the list.


Anyway, I got a promotion at work. It’s my first real ‘big girl’ job with big girl pay. It’s not in the design field like I was previously in, but it’s still related so I’m okay with that! This job is allowing me the freedom to make these other exciting changes soon!

I’m also starting a youtube channel! I haven’t made any videos yet, but when I do you’ll be the first to know. I plan to have some videos correspond with my posts and here and some will be independent. Think DIYS, lifestyle stuff, makeup and fitness related! So stay tuned for that ❤

And lastly… I’m moving! One of my current roommates is moving out to be closer to school. So my boyfriend and I decided to take the plunge and move in together, with my two other roommates! Bryce, my boyfriend, and Brittany all work around the same area, so we’re looking for a two bedroom apartments near there!

I’m really excited to move in with my boyfriend-let’s call him “A” shall we? He and I have very similar goals for life and are madly in love of course! A bonus is he and I both love the ‘industrial’ design feel. I have a few pieces I’m going to buy for us, and few DIY Projects planned. Check them out below!

Find it here!
A is from the good ol’ state of Texas, and he misses it very much. For Valentine’s day I had skylines from two Texas cities printed and framed for him. He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m thinking of setting up a little Texas gallery wall for him, and this flag will be a nice touch. Society6 has a bunch of unique home things. You’ll see it pop up later again!

tornliden-table-top__0177002_PE329645_S4 helmer-drawer-unit-on-casters-gray__0291977_PE425121_S4
I know I need a desk, and A would like one as well. Unfortunately desks can be expensive, even more so if you want a lot of storage like I do! I saw this article and was inspired to create both of us desks at Ikea! I personally like a wood top, so I’m thinking the Torlinden top (pictured) and two of the Helmer drawers instead of legs (pictured) The Alex drawers offered by Ikea in a 5 and 9 drawer variety are very popular amongst YouTube Makeup gurus…but the Helmer’s are cheaper! I like them in the white version! You can find them here.

Find it here!
Back to Society 6! While this is pretty pricey for a shower curtain, it’s pretty awesome! Society 6 has a ton of other designs as well. A and I are planning on sticking to greys black and blues for our room, so I thought this would carry nicely over to our bathroom!

I found this DIY tutorial and fell in love with it. I’m very excited that it seems relatively simple and the supplies are easy to get. I’m not sure if we’ll do an entire wall, but we may do “floating” shelves above our desk space.

I DIY’d Omens (my cat) litter box recently. So I think after we move I could make a cat scratcher! My roommate Brenna is taking hers with her, and I know Omen will miss it. I saw this image on Pinterest. You just take a carpet sample and glue it to wood. I like the minimalistic approach, and I’m sure you could attach it to other things as well like metal.

Let me know any DIY’s that you love for new apartments!

Stay Sunny ❤


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