My Birth Control Experience

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

   I strongly believe in birth control-whether you’re being intimate with other people or not. I started taking birth control at about 16 to help with my severe cystic acne. I then ended up taking it when I went on the acne medication Accutane, because by law you have to. Then after that I chose to keep taking it to protect myself while I was with my boyfriend. There are a few types, and everyone’s reactions are different.


I started taking Ortho Tri Cyclen. I did not have the best reaction to it. A lot of people start with this type of pill because it is relatively gentle with few side affects. My only side effect was very long periods…ranging from 7-14 days.! I decided that that wasn’t what I wanted so I talked to my dermatologist.

I talked to my doctor and told her my concerns. We then started the very lengthy process of Accutane. Two forms of birth control are required whether you are having intercourse or not. I chose male condoms and birth control pill. My doctor prescribed my YAZ based on my reaction to my last medication. I had no real negative reactions to this pill till the very end. My breasts grew, but I had no real weight gain. Then, near the end of my Accutane experience (which I will write about soon) I developed a tumor in my breast. I ended up having it…and it’s three friends removed. My doctor said that there have been a handful of cases where YAZ has done this. My doctor removed them because of my age. Since I was young , the cells weren’t doing anything and could possibly develop into cancer as life went on. That experience wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t fun either.

Accutane requires two pills each day, plus my birth control pill, plus my fish oil supplement I took. After that many pills each day, I was just sick of it. So I started looking into methods of birth control that were more long term, and less upkeep. I almost went with an implant, but decided on the patch instead.

At the time, Ortho Evra patch was the only birth control patch available. Basically you stick it on like a nicotine patch once a week in a certain area. Then when you would take sugar pills, you just don’t wear a patch. It sticks well and I’ve never had one come off because of sweat, showers or swimming! The first day I put it on I was nauseated and emotional, but other than that I have had no side effects. My insurance did switch me to the generic form of the patch, but it works just as well. I would definitely recommend the patch to anyone. It takes less time to think about, just one day a week. Plus, my boyfriend and I can both see it, which is very reassuring.

Everyone’s birth control journey is a personal one, but I thought I’d share mine in case you were looking in to any of these methods. Sometimes it takes awhile to find out what works best for you, just be patient and talk with your doctor!

If you guys have had an horror stories or great success with a type of birth control, let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤

Stay Sunny ❤


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