Fitness Motivation

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

I was at the doctor today and found out I’ve lost 6 pounds in the last month. I have been going to the gym, but I try to not let what’s on the scale determine my worth. I’m more about finding out all the cool things my body can do! I use a combination of YouTube, Tumblr and Pinterest to keep me motivated. So I thought I’d compile some of my favorite online personalities and images to share with you!



I love watching YouTube videos for everything under the sun. Blogilates, Carly Rowena, and Nikki Blackketter seem to all be very kind hearted women and are entertaining to watch!

You can find the Blogilates YouTube channel HERE, but there is an actual website as well. I like these videos because there are so many options! You can pick what part of the body you want to workout, and how long you want it to be! Plus, she always has the most motivating songs. Her workout gear is pretty cute too!

Carly is just very endearing to watch. She talks a lot about her past in her videos, as well as her journey to a well rounded self. She teaches awesome workouts and is very motivating. Plus her accent is adorable. If you’re hesitant to try equipment in your gym, her videos will certainly help you gain confidence. You can check her out HERE.

I think if there were ever YouTube fitness royalty, Nikki would certainly be the Queen. She’s adorable and bubbly. Nikki is a bikini competitor, so some of her workouts can seem a little intense, but her Vlogs are certainly inspiring. If your male counterpart is into fitness as well, Nikki’s boyfriend Christian has his own channel as well. You can check out blondevsworld HERE.

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*Please note that none of these images are mine, and that I’m not being sponsored to talk about these YouTubers. I genuinely like them and watch their videos!

Stay Sunny ❤


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