Living with Roommates

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!
I am very fortunate to be living with two of my very long term best friends. I met Brittany in 5th grade and Brenna in 7th! I also live with Brittany’s boyfriend, Bryce. I’m the only one without a ‘B’ name..I’s weird. I’ve also lived with other roommates in the past, and in an apartment with a long term boyfriend. Balancing personalities and habits can be rough, but also so much fun.

LIving with people

Lay ground rules/expectations-
Laying ground rules and expectations is very important. It can help relieve tension before it even begins. My current situation didn’t do this,,,,and we’re having to catch up now! Lay out who does what chores, or what rotation you will do them in. Figure out who is going to pay what bills, and when the money needs to be in that persons hands! Also figure out what happens if someone doesn’t pay their part, or do their chores. Try and cover all situations before they happen.

Also look at these things:
• Where people will park
• Who will clean community areas and/or what rotation to go on
• How to deal with pets
• Who will take care of pets if the owner is away
• How you will handle food. Are you all going to chip in each week, does everyone have their own food, will you share? Etc.
• What are the rules for having people over? Will they vary by how long the guest is staying?
• Parties. Just everything about them.

If something is happening-no matter how small-tell someone. If it’s bothering you, you should definitely say something sooner than later. By talking about it in a non angry manner, you’re more likely to stay friendly with your roommate! If you don’t know them that well, try and pick a time where they seem relaxed and open to it. Address it lightly. If it’s a behavior that you don’t like and it persists, then have a more stern talk.

Have a backup plan-
When I lived with a boyfriend, part of the reason I didn’t break up with him sooner was because I was on the lease and ha d no backup plan. Having a personal backup plan and group one is very important. On a personal level it helps you know what you’re going to do if your relationships with your roommates goes south. Are you on the lease? Can you sign that away like I did? Or do you have to stick it out. Think about it in advance.

Have a list of what belongs to who-

This one is kind of self explanatory. By having a list before you move out, it keeps potentially awkward situations at bay. If it’s a rocky exit, having to ask will be bad and potentially lead to a fight! By having a list you can stay cool and collected. Plus if anyone questions you-You have a list!

So think about everything before you move in with someone my darlings! You may love them as a person, but not necessarily as a roommate. Think about what you know of them. I know Brenna plays music really loud, and I also know that Brittany and Bryce are kind of messy. But I love them so I put up with it. They put up with me being anti social and taking very long showers. It’s all a give and take! It can be great fun to have roommates, as long as you think positive!

Stay Sunny! ❤


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