#Juneversion Week 2

Hello guys, gals and everyone in between!

Juneversion week2

I finished week two of #Juneversion! I’m still enjoying myself and actually seeing some improvement in the time that I can hold a handstand without a wall! I did start doing an inversion a day before June, but it’s still exciting! Check out my pictures below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to get a sneak peak! @staywithmeonthis
I’m also thinking about keeping up with monthly challenges! I plan on doing ‘Animal Free August’, where my best friend and I would go vegetarian for the week. In the past few years I’ve gone Pescatarian (eats fish) for a couple weeks each summer. This next step is exciting for me! We plan on posting facts and recipes we find along our journey!

My problem is…what do I do for July?! I’m an artsy person and love to paint and draw so I thought I’d incorporate that. I’m thinking a drawing/doodle a day! I have no idea what to call it though. If you have any clever ideas short enough for a hashtag let me know below! I’m sure you’re all witty people 😉

If you have any other ideas of what I can do in the next few months let me know! And as always, follow me on twitter @staywithmeonths and Instagram @staywithmeonthis

Stay Sunny ❤


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