My FiloFax Set up

Hi guys, gals, and everyone else!

I’ve used a planner since I was in elementary school, but I recently came across the magical adult planner world! I spent a long time trying to decide what style I wanted to invest in. There are so many! FiloFax, KikkiK, Erin Condren Life Planners, and so many more! I ended up picking a FiloFax Saffriano Personal sized in black. I liked it because I could stick with the classic binder, and just switch out the paper each year! It’s completely customizable.



If you’re into the planner world, you’ll know that dashboards and dividers are very personal to people! If you’re not in the planner world…the dashboard is usually the first you thing when you open your planner. It can hold clips, sticky notes, stickers..whatever! I have this cool image I found on Pinterest! I just laminated it and used a hole punch! Aren’t my clips cute?! You can find the sun HERE and the state HERE. She can make any state you like! I have another clip coming that’s JAWdorable! (it’ll make sense I swear..just keep reading folks)



I bought my tassel on Etsy (just search ‘planner tassel’) and my friend Melissa made me the sun key chain! Can you tell I love suns? I even have a sun tattoo. You can check her blog out HERE. She’s adorable!

I also bought this little cat off of Etsy. It looks just like my cat named Omen! I am that crazy cat mom. No shame.


After my dashboard I have my contacts. I break phones a lot so it’s nice to have a back up of numbers!



Next, I have my contact info. I included some health info, just in case I don’t have my wallet with me! I was trying to show off the pretty colored paper I got in the mail today! You can find it HERE.


This is my divider for my weekly calendars. Anything with lions reminds me of my boyfriend ❤


This is kind of how I use my planner. Basically just a to do list. Notecards can help  add extra room, if you’re busy like me. I get all my stickers on Etsy.


When I ordered my rainbow paper I also ordered new weekly pages! I like that these are more simple and the paper is much thicker than what my FiloFax came with originally.


This is my blog divider! I store all my post ideas and ‘to-do’ lists in here!



The shark and stingray divider marks my ‘lists’ section. I have a lot of lists. I brainstorm all kinds of things in here. I keep a list of gift ideas for others, random things I want, things to paint etc. This one is my favorite because it’s a running list of the places Alexander and I want to visit.

All together now…Awwwwwww ❤


IMG_5099This is my fitness divider and some classes I’d like to take!



I actually don’t watch Vikings..I just liked the message this picture had. Again it’s off Pinterest. On the back of each divider I also include some goals I’d like to reach! You can also see a snippet of my budget!


I keep a bunch of functional stickers in the back. I got the zipper pouch off of FiloFax, but you can purchase them on other websites for cheaper!


Awwww rainbow paper is the prettiest thing!

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