May Empties

Hi guys, gals and everyone in between!

I’m a big fan of YouTube.  I constantly watch videos on everything from planners, beauty, to crossfit fails. One type of video I enjoy watching is ‘Monthly Empties’ and ‘Monthly Favorites’! So I thought I would make a post on the things I finished in May.

May Empties for Staywithmeonthis Essenza Candle! This actually comes in a three pack, and I finished all three this month. My boyfriend’s dad gave them to me for Christmas. I’ve been constantly burning them since then, so you can tell they last awhile! This one pictured is a woodsy kind of cologne smell that I love! The three pack also comes with a pear scented one and a vanilla one. Doesn’t it make a cute pencil cup?!

Jergens Natural Glow! When you’re as fair as I am (a natural redhead), a lot of self tanners can make you look orange. This product gives me a natural tan, even when I mistakenly pick up the ‘Deep’ shade.

Twisted Peppermint Bodywash- My bestfriend got me this body wash, and matching body lotion for Christmas. You can find it seasonally from Bath and Body works! I love it during the hot months in AZ because the mint leaves you feeling cool.

Batiste! It says it’s the best dry shampoo and it really is! I just spray it in when I start my makeup and the brush it out when I’m done putting my face on.

Wet N’ Wild Mega Liner in Turquoise! Every time I wear this I get compliments. It’s a beautiful turquoise shade that compliments every eye shade. The best part?! It’s less than 3 dollars! I will say it drys up pretty quickly, but I still love it.

Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff- This is a great full coverage foundation. The shade is a little too dark for me, but the yellow base is perfect! I’ve switched foundations for the summer time, but this is great when it’s colder!

Neutrogena Makeup Removers-These things are the best for getting all your makeup off! They even take off my super powered black liquid eyeliner!

Most of these products you can find in the drugstore. I would definitely repurchase each and everyone! Let me know what you were loving for May!

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2 thoughts on “May Empties

  1. Jen

    Good read, do you know if they still make the twisted peppermint body wash?! Got it for christmas one year and absolutely LOVED it but could never find it again!



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