Juneversions! A handstand a day

Hi guys, gals, and everyone else!

I’m so excited to share my own personal challenge with you! One night my roommates and I were attempting random group and couples yoga poses. I found I love doing poses upside down! So, since then, I’ve been practicing my handstands, headstands, shoulderstands, and forearms stands. I saw the handstand 365 challenge and was intrigued. I know I’m not yet confident enough to commit to something for a whole year, but a month? That I can definitely do. I’m calling in the Juneversion challenge!
The plan is to do one inversion a day. You can start by just touching your toes! I know the first time I tried to do a handstand…it ended very badly.  Pinterest and Youtube have tons of helpful tips for starting inversions. The key is to start slow and use the wall if you need to! I love seeing pictures like the ones below, they’re so inspiring!

373dae8c62fb4cff30cef9ca46b173b5 a366e15db356afd92a00aaeb1dbda3afI even started a bit early and took a picture for you all! So far I can do a version of a headstand without a wall, but I still need work on my handstand! I tried this variation with an arched back!

Mar's Handstand Staywithmeonthis   I’m going to say it’s not to shabby for my first try! My goals for this month are:

  • Do one inversion every day for the month of June. Headstands, handstands, shoulderstands, wheel poses etc.
  • Be able to do a headstand and a handstand by the end of June without a wall!
  • Feel myself get stronger and enjoy that feeling!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep me accountable! Staywithmeonths And of course tag me on Instagram #juneversion or #staywithme and I’ll check you out! 🙂

You can also tweet me on my brand new twitter account! staywithmeonths I can’t wait to see how far we all progress together!


2 thoughts on “Juneversions! A handstand a day

  1. YaYa Says

    Very cool I started the 28 day to a handstand challenge 3 days ago. I had started it before, but I stopped because of headaches…I hope I can finish this time around.



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