A Maroon and Gold Graduation

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first post of staywithmeonthis! I recently graduate from Arizona State University in three years. (Stay tuned for tips on how you can graduate early too!) My major was Design, and my minor was in Sustainability. Basically…I like plants and colors.

Arizona State University Graduation Staywithmeonthis
I had a great time at ASU, but because of finances I decided to graduate early. This blog is my way of navigating the scary post apocalyptic world that undergraduate graduate must face. Wow that was a mouthful.ASU is a great place to go to school if you’re an extrovert and don’t mind a big campus. My freshman year they welcomed nearly 13,000 people! It also hosts one of the best Journalism schools (Walter Conkrite) and a great business school (W.P. Carey). The Sun Devil culture is definitely a party one, but there is also an emphasis on exploring the world around you! I would definitely recommend this school to anyone that wants to have a great time in college, and can stand triple degree weather for extended time periods.

Arizona State University Graduation Class of 2015 Staywithmeonthis
Thank you to everyone who helped me graduate-I couldn’t have done it without you! Look Ma-We’re both Sun Devil graduates now!

Graduation Staywithmeonthis
What’s next for me you ask? Lots of colors and possible grad school.

But for now- Give ‘em hell Sun Devils!


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